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Sellstrom Face Shield

Introducing the sellstrom s32010 black crown and clear anti-fog window face shield! This safety glasses are perfect for those who want to protect their eyes fromamedding in the dark. With its lightweight and universal design, this safety sunglasses are perfect for any user. Additionally, the sellstrom s32010 black crown and clear anti-fog window face shield comes with an adjustable ratchet headgear that makes it easy to adjust to your individual needs.

Best Sellstrom Face Shield Reviews

The sellstrom 38110 series blue plastic crown chin guard and clear window protective faceshield with ratchet headgear is perfect for protecting you from falling and getting your face smashed against a wall. Made from top-quality materials, this shield is made from top-quality stock and will protect your eyes and your busy work area.
this is a grinder shield for the sellstrom face shield. It helps keep your eyes safe with repacement head frame.
oursellstrom face shield safety glasses are a great way to protect yourself from facing the sun, gave you the safety of face shield while on the go. They come with a clear lens to help you see in the sun and in low light conditions. The safety lenses alsoflip up to provide a good amount of darkness. They are perfect for those who have a daily use environment in mind.